Ames' Artisan Coffee Roaster and Gelato Company

At Capanna (kah-pah-nah) Coffee, we don't just brew coffee, we create experiences. Every person brings their own personal expression to their enjoyment of this ancient drink. To some it is a means of solitude and reflection, to others it is an aid to escape into the world of a good book. For many it is an enjoyable center piece of community and intimacy with friends and family. Regardless of your own style, we at Capanna believe that it is our privilege to serve as guides and ambassadors into the process of creating the freshest and tastiest cup of coffee. We are convinced that the only way to accomplish our goal is through the craft of small batch roasting. Each of our unique and cozy stores is home to a high quality coffee roaster allowing us to bring the art and experience of coffee roasting to each of our guests. It is our desire that you see our passion and understand our commitment to excellence in freshness.