Wedding Catering

Artisan Gelato Bar

A gelato bar is the perfect way to make any event a special event. If it is a wedding, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, a special birthday party, or a company meeting; Capanna gelato authentically reflects the elegance and refined tastes of Italy. Gelato has at least 70 percent less fat than traditional ice cream and yet offers unique and exotic tastes that seem to explode in our mouths. Even though Gelato has less fat, it has creamy textures that defy the low fat content. To assure the freshest and most unique products, we make the Gelato in our store!

Capanna can provide this experience at your party with a light weight and portable case. You can choose from 3 or more flavors. Your guests will be able to select their flavor artfully served in a cup. Costs start at $3.25 per serving for a minimum of 70 people. This includes everything that you will need, set up, service and clean up.

If your group is smaller, there are other pricing options that can be customized to your situation. The portable Gelato case can be rented and 5 liter pans can be purchased. We would prefer to have a 5 day notice on all orders.

To round out your event, we can also provide freshly roasted and brewed coffee, or other beverages like fresh brewed iced tea or iced coffee. Pastries such as scones, muffins, cinnamon rolls and bagels can be provided.

Prices can vary by location, so give us a call or email today to secure exact pricing and reserve gelato for your party.

Gelato Flavors

Click here for a printable list of the available flavors.